Winter Hair


The winter wonderland is upon us for the next 12 weeks and whilst we all can get out our fave winter coasts, scarves and fluffy slippers, it does however cause angst for our lovely locks. In winter you will find an increase in dryness, frizziness and split ends due to the cold outside temperature and the inside heater sucking the precious moisture from your hair.

Even if you generally have oily hair you will notice the difference in the behaviour of your hair. However do not despair! Here are some tips and products we have found that may help to keep that shine and luster for the coming weeks.

  • Moisture moisture moisture!

A lack of moisture generally is the biggest problem you will find, it will cause frizziness, static in your hair and make it more brittle. Adding a strong treatment to your hair routine each week will help with all of the above and keep your hair manageable. We recommend Davrove Replenish Jojoba Crème Treatment. It penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen and rebuild weakened hair. Penetrates the hair shaft, working from the inside to help fortify and renew hair while reducing premature colour fade while restoring shine, silkiness and leaves hair in optimum condition.

  •  Wash less

Sounds like strange advice, but shampooing whilst cleaning will strip your hair of moisture in the process, hence the need for conditioner. If during winter you shampoo your hair a little less it will help to retain the moisture. Some people suggest that every second wash, simply skip the shampoo and just use conditioner only. In my opinion, it’s really dependent on each individual, but definitely cutting back on the shampoo is a good idea.

  • The inside matters too!

Like all things the more water you drink the happier your hair will be. Just like your skin your hair is thirsty. Taking vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids – either as a supplement or through increased intake of nutritious foods, such as fish, nuts and leafy greens helps.

  • ·To the dark side

Anyone who regularly bleaches their hair, whether all over or highlights, will know that the process will cause some dryness, so it may be now is the time to try something different, a darker hue maybe? They are called warmer colours for a reason.

  • While you were sleeping

Just because you are resting doesn’t mean that your hair has to. Before bed hydrate overnight with an oil or serum. Did you know that a humidifier turned on throughout the night will keep the moisture in the air, providing hydrating goodness for your hair and your skin too, and it will help you wake without that tight feeling each morning and keep your locks tame.

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